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"Biophotons carry information about a person's health. Optical pathways are gateways to qualitive assessment and correction of biophoton signaling." - Johan C. Boswinkel "

Biophoton Light Therapy is a holistic alternative that works on the organs and systems of the body, taking the chaos out and turning into coherency, giving your body the amazing benefit of healing! 

Biophoton Meridian Light Therapy

Biophoton Therapy is light modification aimed at correcting mild to severe malfunctions of the bio-optical regulation system of the body. This non-invasive therapy benefits sick people, as well a relatively healthy people by influencing the body's own physiological light. The Chiren 3.0 instrument we use initiates regenerative cell responses.

What are Optical Pathways?

Optical pathways are bundles of translucent ducts or "energy highways" that run under the surface of the skin, transport physiological light, and have exit points on the fingers and toes. The Chiren 3.0 blunt measuring probe allows the optical pathway to communicate and challenge the cells resulting in a reaction. This determines if there is a disturbance with the corresponding organ.

What is Chiren 3.0?

The Chiren 3.0 is the 8th Instrument developed since 1983 by Dutch biophysicist Johan C. Boswinkel. The instrument assesses and improves the quality of light emissions transmitted through the various optical pathways - which are a communication network in the body connected to specific organs and tissues. by improving communication between light and cells it enables the body to perform better and heal itself. 

What should I expect during a session?

Therapy is structured around:

Identification of chaotic optical signaling

Elimination of disruptive signals

Strengthening of healthy signals

Targeted support of organ function

The "Improved signaling will"

Stimulate regenerative functions

Increase the elimination of toxins

Balance regulatory processes

Improve concentration and coordination

Relieve tension stress and inflammation

Duly noted: We are not allowed to diagnose any disease or disorder. We will not give medical advice. We do not prescribe medications nor do we give recommendations for any dosage changes. In the event you are seeing changes we will refer you to your Primary Care Physician. 

This is a healing modality I whole heartily believe in. I owe my gratitude to Michelle H. for making the Chiren 3.0 a part of my own healing journey and for the opportunity to offer it to others in their journey. I have seen over the past two years many miracles in both humans and animals and hope to be a witness to many more. Thank you!!!

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